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Effective communication
Training can be tailored to meet any of the following objectives:
  • Identifying the qualities of an outstanding communicator
  • Understanding your audience - it's importance & how to do it effectively
  • The personality iceberg - exploring the need to dig deeper
  • The art of observing, listening and questioning
  • Overcoming the barriers to being an excellent listener
  • How to communicate with different people in different ways at different times
  • What is it that gives a message impact...?
  • Choosing your words carefully - saying the right thing at the right time
  • Synchronising body language, words and behaviour
  • How to communicate with difficult people. What if I'm the difficult person?
  • Don't be aggressive, don't be submissive, be assertive!
  • Reading people and situations - exploring emotional intelligence competencies
  • Using self-awareness to enhance your communication skills
  • Identifying & managing the impact that you have on others
  • How to identify & build empathy with different personality types
  • Recognising & overcoming the barriers to being an excellent influencer
  • Exploring the role of empathy, sincerity & credibility
  • Delivering excellent presentations