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Image & credibility
Training can be tailored to meet any of the following objectives:
  • Exploring the differences & similarities between image & impact
  • 1st impressions count - how do people perceive you...?
  • Executing the 3Cs - confidence, credibility & communication
  • Recognising the powerful impact of trust & credibility
  • The challenge of credibility - building it, losing it & getting it back
  • The relationship between excellent communication & credibility
  • Enhancing your credibility through positive lifestyle choices
  • Effectively managing your brand image to make a positive impact
  • Time management - the pitfalls and the solutions
  • The impact of difficult situations on your credibility - positive & negative
  • What stops us from dealing with difficult situations effectively?
  • Dealing with difficult situations whilst maintaining or enhancing credibility
  • Developing the right mind-set for dealing with difficult situations