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Management & leadership
Training can be tailored to meet any of the following objectives:
  • Management & leadership - the differences, similarities and relationship
  • Defining the qualities of an engaging manager
  • From colleague to manager - avoiding the frequently made mistakes
  • Motivation - giving team members a compelling purpose to perform
  • How to harness the passion, initiative and creativity of your team members
  • How to build open and trusting relationships with your team members
  • Using emotional intelligence to connect with different team members
  • Effective delegation - when, how and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Spotting and overcoming the early warning signs of under-performance
  • How to recognise & reward a job well done
  • Talent management - keeping high performers engaged
  • Developing your team to improve performance - exploring the options
  • Using coaching to improve the performance of individual team members
  • Looking to the future - identifying and developing talent
  • Dealing with difficult management situations with confidence
  • Effective change management and the role of the manager
  • Managing employee workloads and enhancing their work/life balance