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Team development days
Training can be tailored to meet any of the following objectives:
  • Defining the foundations of a high performing team
  • Recognising dysfunction within your team & how to overcome it
  • Identifying the strengths & development areas of your team
  • Creating a shared team vision and goals
  • Understanding the diversity of your team in terms of it's values, abilities & skill sets
  • Personality iceberg - exploring the need to dig deeper
  • Recognise your own contribution to a team
  • Recognise the impact that you have on your peers - positive & negative
  • Effective communication - one size will never fit all
  • How to influence and persuade different team members
  • Dealing with difficult team members through assertiveness
  • What to do if you're the one being difficult
  • Understand and identify the different stages of team development
  • Recognising the importance of storming in the team development process
  • Getting from forming to performing - exploring your role