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Train the trainer
Training can be tailored to meet any of the following objectives:
  • What is training? Where does training fit into the development path?
  • Is training the answer? Exploring blended learning
  • Defining the role and qualities of an outstanding trainer
  • The learning cycle and the responsibility of the trainer at each stage
  • How do we learn? Exploring the different learning and thinking styles
  • Fit for purpose training - matching training activities with different learning styles
  • Managing energy levels - creating energy within the training room
  • Icebreakers and energizers - how, why and when...?
  • Using your personality as a tool
  • Understanding and applying accelerated learning techniques
  • Why are we here? Identifying & engaging the different motivations of learners
  • Identifying, preventing and dealing with difficult trainees
  • Facilitating group discussions - effective listening and questioning techniques
  • The relationship between training and coaching
  • The role and importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • Identifying and achieving training objectives
  • The art of writing training - from inception to evaluation
  • Structuring a training session effectively
  • Thinking on your feet - what to do when things don't go to plan...?